About LenzGig

By Luvnit Sawhney

Feb 13, 2020

Any second inspiration can strike. Inspiration to start a business, to build a community or to augment the world around you. But ideas alone are not enough to change the world.
We’re LenzGig, a creative platform that makes it easy for creators and brands from around the world to work together on stunning augmented reality projects.
Hello World!
Glad to see you here! We are LenzGig an exclusive marketplace for everything Augmented reality. We connect world-class creators with brands and consumers looking to build AR experiences
As founders and creators ourselves we have used various marketplaces but couldn’t find any that were streamlined for augmented reality, hence we decided to build one ourselves!
Augmented Reality is expected to reach USD 18.4 billion this year and growing exponentially every year. It also has the highest Demand growth for Engineering roles, a whopping 1400% as stated by the popular job website HIRED.com. Almost every tech internet company is dabbling in AR or is investing in it. Companies like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Apple, etc. have made building AR easier than ever. Fuelling the rapid growth of the industry.
We are completely sold that we needed to streamline the process for AR creators and Brands alike. 
The future seems to be very exciting and we are as excited about being a part of the AR community as you.
Lets make this a reality! 
Team LenzGig 

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