Best practices for posting a new gig

By Ritesh

Apr 13, 2021

Writing a detailed brief about the gig is key to get bids from professional AR creators. As Augmented Reality is a growing industry, we understand that coming up with a design brief might not be an easy task. 

So we have put together a small guide that will help you to write a great gig description and eventually get bids from creators.

Step 1: Register as an authentic person/business.

We recommend you to complete your profile with a real identity. LenzGig has a moderation team which checks the authenticity of the brands or people.

While creating an account as a client. Make sure to register with an official brand name or your real name (for personal use) and the brand's logo/your picture as a profile picture.

Step 2: Write a detailed gig description.

Keep the gig title short and simple. It should be less than 60 characters. For example: “Build me a gaming filter for a new product launch” or “Design an abstract filter for a new song”.

In the description, explain what kind of AR experience you would like creators to build. Try to make the description as detailed as possible. But don’t go in the technical nitty-gritties of the design process. 

  1. Convey what is the reason behind getting a new filter
  2. Share your vision for the filter
  3. How will this filter fit in the marketing strategy.
  4. Who’s the target audience etc.

You can use an in-built text-editor to give a better visual appeal to your gig description. You can change size, font, increase, add or remove list items and do much more. Feel free to play around with the text-editor.

Step 3: Upload other details.

After writing description, you can send in details like:

  1. Concept delivery date (Date on which you want a proof of concept)
  2. Final delivery date (This cannot be before than the concept delivery date)
  3. Inspiration files (It includes any logo, product image, album cover, brand palette, 3D assets etc)
  4. Reference files (Upload any filters, image, video that you want the creator to take a reference from)
  5. Which platform do you want to launch your filter? You can choose from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & TikTok.

Step 4: Preview the gig.

LenzGig offers a preview gig feature where you can look for any mistakes on the gig. If you want to change anything, simply click on the “Edit Gig'' button and you’re good to make your changes. After previewing & submitting the gig, it will go through LenzGig’s moderation process and will be approved or declined within 5-10 minutes.


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