Top 10 Instagram AR Brand filters of 2019

By Luvnit Sawhney

Dec 24, 2019

Relive the year’s best Instagram augmented reality filters by popular brands. Click on the instagram handle and try the filters for yourself! 

How to use this blog, click on any of the Instagram handels to open up the respective Instagram page. Then navigate to the AR effects icon. I have highlighted the icon you need to click below in purple below: 



1. HOLIYAY! from Starbucks

The Starbucks Holiyay Instagram filter is one of my favourite examples of augmented reality branding and marketing done right. Simply point the Holiyay filter to any one of their 4-holiday cups and voila! That should trigger the AR experience. The interesting thing about this filter is that you get different effects for every Starbucks cup you collect. The perfect digital souvenir to go along with one of those iconic Starbucks holiday cups. (Instagram @starbucks)



2. OC6 AR from Oculus 

Oculus Connect is an annual conference, bringing together developers and creators. OC6 was held on September 25 & 26. The event has a companion instagram augmented reality filter that is accessible to anyone who attend the conference. All you have to do is point the filter at your pass to access important information about the event. The Filter would show you a 3D venue map that showcased important locations, keynotes and event timing detail. This is one of the coolest examples I have seen of practical augmented reality and hidden information (Instagram @Oculus



3. IKEA PAX from Ikea (Nederland) 

Ikea Nederland has created an Instagram AR filter to demonstrate the versatility of thier PAX wardrobes system. Every tap on the screen changes the configuration of the wardrobe and the color of the wood. The PAX wardrobes are like built-in wardrobes, except you get to decide the size, style, doors and interior organisers to sort your things. The instagram filter shows some of the suggested combinations by Ikea. (Instagram @Ikeanederland


4. Mercedes Hamilton from Mercedes Benz

This one is for all this Lewis Hamilton F1 fans! Ever wondered how you would look like inside Hamilton’s helmet or how the city lights would feel when you are whizzing by at 225 mph (362 km/hr), well, then this filter is for you. Open your mouth for a turbo boost. (Instagram @mercedesbenz)



5. Collecting Monuments from Redbull 

Mini Augmented reality games are all the rage now. Collecting Monuments is a light heart min game by Redbull. You get to pretend to be a pilot from Red Bull's Air Race World Championship. The main premise of the game is that you get to fly around the globe collecting monuments. Turn your head to steer the plane and bump into the monuments to collect them. (instagram @Redbull



6. V Haute Couture from Maison Valentino 

Luxury brands like Valentino have also started jumping on the Augmented reality trend by creating edgy Instagram AR filters. Haute Couture is a filter inspired by Valentino’s latest collection of clothing that highlight Feathers. I look at this filter as a “digital accessory” to some of their clothes from this season. The inspiration is clearly visible in dresses like the EMBROIDERED CADY COUTURE DRESS WITH FEATHERS or PRINTED CREPE DE CHINE DRESS WITH FEATHERS

The price tag on some of their clothing is through the roof. The Candy couture dress, for example, starts at $10,290 (WTF). I guess we’ll have to settle for their free IG filter for now. (instagram @maisonvalentino)



7. Moncler Genius from Moncler 

To promote Moncler’s House of Genius temporary stores that are going to be popping up in Milan, Paris, Tokyo & Los Angeles they have released an Instagram filter. According to their website, Moncler house of genius is a temporary concept store that falls under the artistic direction of Francesco Ragazzi, who imagined the retail space as a set to open art gallery where artworks are continuously installed and updated. Each space will contain all Moncler Genius lines for the year together, starting with already available collections, then adding the forthcoming releases according to their drop dates.” (instagram @moncler



8. Get Weird by Asos 

Asos the British online fashion and cosmetic retailer. Has some really fun and quirky Instagram filters. Get freaky with their Get weird filter that makes you look like some kind of Madusa which multiplying faces. I have also thrown in a bonus Asos filter that allows you to channel your inner Schoolboy Q and pull up in a Bucket Hat. 

Bonus Triva A.S.O.S is an acronym for As Seen On Screen! (instagram @asos


9. Neon Party by YSL Beauty  

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty has a really cool filter that puts you inside a 3D space filled with Neon tube lights kinda like you are at a YSL photoshoot. The filter is inspired by the YSL Beauty Hotel in New York that is heavily inspired by a neon aesthetic. "Expect endless eye candy from neon lights in the shape of the YSL logo, a lounge with purple sofas, a "study" with a bed to "express your wildest Black Opium fantasies," incredible views at the rooftop pop-up shop and YSL Beauty Café and a chic indoor pool." - says 



10. Winter mau5 by Deadmau5 

Ever wondered how you would look like if you were on stage in a Deadmau5 Helmet? Well, here is your chance, head on over to Joel's Instagram page and try out his filter to find out! Deadmau5 released a cool Winter mau5 for the 2019 holidays. 

Trivia time: Joel created the original logo—called "mau5head"—while learning how to use some 3D modelling software. He was given the idea to wear a headdress based on the logo by one of his friends. (Instagram @deadmau5



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