What is platform fee?

Hunting down invoices, finding the right projects and dealing with unhappy customers can be a time-consuming part of running your own business. LenzGig handles those logistics so you can focus on creating world class experiences. 

The platform fee is split between clients and creators to help cover the 1-to-1 Project costs of secure payment holds, dispute resolution, community curation, anti-fraud measures, payout processing, educational resources and the ongoing development of the platform.

For each 1-to-1 Project, the client pays a fixed 5% platform fee and the creator pays a separate platform fee based on their creator level.

What is the platform fee for creators?

As you gain more experience on LenzGig, you'll need less assistance from us. Therefore, we reward our most experienced creators by lowering the fee as you level up:

  • Top Level creators: 5% platform fee
  • Mid Level creators: 10% platform fee
  • Entry Level creators: 15% platform fee

Lenzgig platform fee

What is a client introduction fee?

Building a rock solid client list can be a painstaking task (but a necessity if you want to keep your business or freelancer career afloat). LenzGig lets you skip the networking events and marketing efforts by bringing new clients and projects directly to you. 

The client introduction fee helps cover costs including promoting creators on- and off-platform, search engine optimization, paid advertising, investment in creator/client search and matching algorithms, and other initiatives dedicated to bringing projects directly to your inbox.

When you start working with a new client, we charge a USD$100 introduction fee (spread out over the client’s first USD$500 charges) to cover our cost of matching you with clients.

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