What is Top Level status?

Top Level creators have a professional network of happy repeat clients, an impressive portfolio and glowing feedback from the people they work with. 

Creators that achieve Top Level status meet our quality standards with the highest proficiency in all of the following:

  • Execution of design principles
  • Knowledge of Augmented reality / VR / 3D principles 
  • Conceptual thought
  • Technical skills and deliverables
  • Client communication and satisfaction

Top Level creators are expected to maintain the level of their work or risk dropping back down to a lower level. 

Learn more about our quality standards →

What are the benefits of being Top Level?

As our most prestigious community members, Top Level designers enjoy many benefits at LenzGig, including lowest platform fees (5% for Top Level Creators), broader client visibility, faster payouts, and prioritized support. 

How can I become a Top Level designer?

We regularly review designers for Top Level status. If your work exceeds our quality standards, we’ll take notice!

All creators interested in Top Level promotion must have at least five repeat clients and a minimum client review score of 4.5 to apply*. Exceptions are occasionally made when a creator’s offsite portfolio demonstrates considerable experience. 

Additionally, Creators may apply for a level review every 6 months if they meet certain criteria. Once we receive your application we’ll review it and notify you of their decision. Designers may not apply outside of the application periods.

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